Welcome to Malaika Ceramics, home of inspired porcelain jewellery & unique gifts. Everything is hand crafted & meticulously hand painted. Please do take your time to browse my collection of hand crafted items from the ‘shop’ section. You can learn more about my work & keep in touch by contacting me with your enquiries.

Porcelain Items

1I make beautiful jewellery & gifts from my home in the North East of England, working with high temperature porcelain which can take up to 3 firings.

Fired Clay

2Porcelain has a translucent quality and is considerably strong, it has an inherent whiteness and resonance perfect for my jewellery and artwork.

Hand Crafted

3The surfaces are decorated using a combination of inlay and fine brush techniques, an array of wonderful colours & a very steady hand!!!

Customised Designs

4The designs on the hand painted items are unique and vary from piece to piece. Some pieces can be personalised to make them your own.